Sunday, March 6

Che ..

In such times when there're revolutions in every corner in the Arab world, nothing is better than watchign 4 good hours of Che Guevara's life.

I've always believed that somehow we and Latin America are very similar and indeed we are. The story of Che gives us a whole new meaning of solidarity between similar-cultured societies, very much like Arab countries. Where you don't feel like you belong to one society or one country, where you are the product of all the past, present, and future components of the history and future of all your struggling societies for freedom and dignity.

The last 3 months have proven the world that the Arabs are one, are united and will always be!
We share the same background, values and goals and we all have been under the same repression enforced by the western powers just like Latin America was repressed and still fighting it.
The Arab Revolution is about dignity and freedom and these are the basic qualities a society should have to guarantee its people fair chances in life.

When asked about whether he was to believe in anything, Che replied " I believe in Mankind ". Believing in mankind and their ability to change what's not right is to believe that this revolution is going to succeed. Believing in mankind is to believe that the people can pave the way toward a bright and more hopeful future!
If you know just how much we miss you Che !
If you can't be with us now, we just need to chant like you did '' Homeland or Death'' !

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