Tuesday, March 8

Last chapter of Ali Saleh's history ?

Deploying yemeni military into the streets of the capital sana'a after being present on the streets of southern cities since the start of the yemeni revolution leaves us with one question; is the beginning of the last chapter of Ali Saleh and his regime in the history of Yemen?

Looking at the events that happened throughout the tunisian and egyptian revolution deploying the army into the street of the country was the final act of Bin Ali and one of the many measures Mubarak took to put down the revolution. In both cases it was reported that the military was asked to shoot protester but refused. 
And with what's happening at the moment in Libya one can only expect Saleh to ask the military to shoot protesters which already happened in the southern city of Aden.
But why is it not the same in sana'a? 
The only difference is that sana'a and its surroundings are armed and any shooting by the military will lead to an absolute chaos where the military will definitely be the loser! 

I honestly believe this IS the last chapter of Ali Saleh and it's not gonna be pretty. It might be bloody like the 7 civil wars we had under his dictatorship where Yemenis' blood was shed for nothing. Now at least our martyrs will die for something, will die for their Homeland!
Long live Yemen!
Long live the people!

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