Saturday, March 12

yemen will never be the same again

just came home, tired and exhausted 
With one open eye i try to catch up with today's events in Sana'a any many other yemeni cities. 
7 killed in one day and hundreds injured and terrorized. I can only think of how Yemen will never be the same after this day. Surly Yemen had more violent days in its recent history given the many civil wars Ali Saleh's regime put us in to for the past 20 year, but after each war yemen was never the same and today remarked a day when trust was lost at least in Sana'a. This can only be for the good of Ali Saleh and his family in order for them to stay in power. 
Thousand of miles away from home i'm still devastated and shocked by all the news coming from home. Sometimes you feel so little and incapable in this word that your only way to feel like you are participating is writing so i decided to write but this feeling didn't go away.. and the sock remains. 
I can't do anything but hope for the best and pray for a new Yemen with minimum causalities. 

Long Live the Yemeni People!

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