Tuesday, October 22

Good read: a book about the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen

Whoever tells you that Wikipedia is full of shit are themselves full of shit.

I remember finding about this book from the list of references of something I read on Wikipedia about Yemen and I 
immediately ordered the book from Amazon.de
On March 18th, the date when the National Dialog Conference (NDC) started, I received the book when I almost forgot that I ordered it and I was very amused by the irony of life giving me this book on the very same day when we were supposed to start the journey of finding solutions to our problems in Yemen. The delay in delivering the book was because I ordered it from England because it was not available in Germany.

Yemen Divided: The Story of a Failed State in South Arabia

The book simply tells the story of the People's Republic of South Yemen PRSY (1967-1970), People's Democratic Republic of Yemen PDRY  (1970-1990) or simply put it tells the story of the modern political history of the South. 

It's been a while since I read something about Yemen that's written so well. Of course, the fact that the author of the book, Noel Berhony, is a research associate at the London Middle East Institute at SOAS explains why the book is so elegantly written.
The book is very important to whoever wants to understand Yemeni politics and specially important for Yemenis. I really hope that the participants of the NDC are fully aware of our history or at least have read one book about politics in the old "Yemens" to know why we should fight for our new Yemen, and by fight I don't mean war. Maybe the over-40 years old participants of the NDC have a better idea about the state of both countries (South and North of Yemen) back when they were two countries, but the younger participants of the conference need to read such books to know their county's past. 

Being almost the same age as the youth represented in the NDC I was shocked at how little I knew about the PDRY and I hope that the representatives of my generation, and eventually me, in the NDC know better than me about both Yemens, otherwise it would be just nonsense to have a dialog about something we have no idea about.  

Though I am not through with the book, but I can recommend it to you all. You, who are interested in Yemen.

This book is not written by some kind of an adrenaline junkie who rushed to Yemen to write about AQAP story that is appealing to western media outlets and readers. This book is stating facts without taking sides. The book is written by an ex-diplomat and a researcher who spent a great deal of time in Aden so you know that you will read a very good book when you buy it.
Needless to say, the book is highly recommended for scholars.

order the book from Amazon.com 
EUR 15,66

P.S. I bought the book for around € 14 so you might keep the book on your wish list and wait for it to become less expensive. 

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  1. it seems like worth-reading while drinking Starbucks coffee that we do not have in Yemen :P. I will make sure I get it!